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Posted on 27. Jan, 2016 by afanley in Reviews

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Product Name: Fast Muscle Gain
Standard Price: $77
Reviewer: Aaron
Review Updated: 10th Oct 2010
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Publisher’s Description

Learn how to gain weight and build muscle mass fast. Proven step by step muscle building diet.

  • Carry out your plan. Follow your plan consistently, without fail, until you reach your goal. And by tracking your results along the way, you get motivation to keep on going.
  • Educate yourself. You must learn the best way to build a house before you start building. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time and effort.  
  • How to adjust your program based on your progress. (This is where most weight training programs fail, because as you shock your body into growth, your needs will change.)
  • How to do the calculations to construct your own personalized diets that are custom-tailored to meet your needs and your weight-gaining goals.  
  • How to structure a training routine to reduce gym time and increase your results. (Yes! Imagine less time at the gym without compromising your results. Wouldn’t that be nice?)  
  • How to structure your diet to keep fat gain to an absolute minimum — so you can focus on muscle gain and not have to worry about gaining fat.  
  • Plan and organize yourself. You must put all your great information into a training program that you’re able to follow everyday.  
  • The best workouts for gaining mass  (you’re going to be amazed when you learn how simple yet powerful these workouts truly are).  
  • What all-natural food has proven to increase your testosterone levels (an important component to muscle gain), AND improve your overall general health. (You feel a lot better, too!)  
  • What exercises to avoid when training to gain mass — don’t even start thinking about any kind of training until you read this first!  

User Reviews

Fast Muscle Gain Review8.0103
  1. Derick H. January 2016 #
    It just occured to me that I never thanked you for taking your time to write back to me. I just wanted to show you that your time was not wasted. I considered it a gift.
  2. Barry K . January 2016 #
    Just a quick thank you for your numerous email responses to my inquiries over the past 14 weeks. Your advise and support was a real factor in my success. I don’ think I can thank you enough… … I can only imagine how it feels to be able to help so many people realize that there is a great physique inside all of us. Thanks for taking the time.
  3. Marco P. January 2016 #
    Well, I just finished up my 6th week and weigh 17lbs. I got my body fat % taken professionally… 6.8% to start with and 7.2% now, so most of that weight is lean. I finished your 3 month program… I went from 130 to 154lbs but skipped fat loss since my body fat was still only 7.8%.

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